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Entoto Foundation was recently in Addis Ababa and was able to reconnect with a previous patient, Tesfaye, who was sponsored several years ago for back surgery.


What are you up to these days? 
I am a student in high school, grade 9. I am currently 20 years old and live in Bole, Addis Ababa, with my sister...


An Interview with a Former Patient

A HUGE thank you goes out to Rob Skubiak and family for supporting the Entoto Foundation this holiday season! Rob and his family ran the Reindeer Run in Orlando to help raise funds for Dr. Einar Erikson and his burn center in Addis Ababa.  Their collective efforts raised over $7,000!  


Many thanks to Rob and all who supported the effort!

Reindeer Run for Entoto

Our sincere thanks to all the participants in the Haile Gebreslassie Marathon that helped raise funds for the Entoto Foundation. The marathon was held last October in Hawassa, Ethiopia. The funds raised helped send 6 month old Felicity to India for a heart valve replacement. Latest update on Felicity is that she is doing great. 

Our top fund raiser was Kristin Chandler, pictured here with her father at the start of the marathon. Through your generosity and support the Entoto Foundation continues to assist the people of Ethiopia.  Thank you!

Haile Gebreslassie Inaugural Marathon

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