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Meet Felicity

Felicity is a 9-month old girl who recently traveled to AIMS Hospital in Kochi, India to have a heart valve replacement. Felicity, a quiet baby with curious eyes, lives with her mother, Marta, and father, Stefanos, who works at a hotel in Addis Ababa. She also has a 5-year old pair of twin siblings. Four months ago, Marta took Felicity to a doctor to have a rash looked at. Upon examination, they discovered that she had a defective heart valve and would need surgery. Marta found out about the Entoto Foundation through a friend and was soon on her way to India with Felicity. Dr. Benedict Raj, a pediatric cardiac surgeon, performed the operation which went very smoothly. Felicity is now back in Ethiopia and is doing great. They will return to India in three months for a check up and Felicity will need another surgery in 4-years time.

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